Essential Tools For All Homeowners

DIY home house repair remodel tools

As a homeowner, you’re going to have something break. There’s nothing you can do to stop it. Good regular maintenance on your home will slow that down, but eventually you will need to repair something in your home.

  • A leak under the sink.
  • A sticky door
  • A loose deck board
  • A cracked tile

Or what if you want to upgrade your home.

  • Build a new deck
  • Replace a light fixture
  • Mount a flat-screen TV
  • Replace the door hardware

As a homeowner, you should have a basic set of tools available in your home. You might have a pipe burst and need to quickly turn the water main off. Imagine if you discover you need a pair of pliers to shut the water off but don’t have a set. Your minor water cleanup could turn into extensive flood damage.

Here is a list of basic tools you should have at a bare minimum if you own a home and honestly, even if you rent.

DIY cordless drill driver construction toolsCordless Drill: This is one of the post important tools you can buy. You will use it to drive screws. A lot of times, before you drive a screw, you will want to drill a pilot hole first. You might need to drill a hole to run some wires through. You will use a cordless drill all the time.


DIY pliers adjustable home remodel construction toolsPliers: A pair of pliers is a great all purpose tool. You may find a loose bolt on a piece of furniture or you could have a leak under your sink from a water line that just needs a little tightening.


DIY utility knife razor construction tool carpnterUtility Knife: A utility knife if is a very simple, yet handy tool to have on hand. You need to cut out some caulk that needs to be replaced? The razor knife is your best friend.


DIY home remodel house hammer toolsSmall Hammer: Decorating your house is going to be one of the first things you do when you move in and how are you going to hang pictures without a small hammer? Maybe a piece of metal on some furniture or an appliance gets bent? You can use your hammer to tap it back into place. A finish hammer is great for small repairs or for decorating as it has a smooth head and won’t leave marks on what you’re hitting like a framing hammer will.

DIY screwdriver remodel tools home house

Screwdrivers: You want to have at least a phillips and a flathead screwdriver on hand in a couple different sizes. I can’t even list how many things you will need a screwdriver for. And if you have kids, quadruple it. You can get a 6 in 1 screwdriver that has different bits you can swap out to have multiple sizes of phillips and flathead screwdrivers in one tool.

DIY level picture painting remodel homeSmall Level: Do you want your pictures to be level? Of course you do. You need a small level. Shelves, benches and electronics all should be hung level and what better tool to use than a… LEVEL! And no, the level app you got for your smartphone doesn’t count. Those apps are highly inaccurate.


DIY tape measure ruler home remodel upgradeTape Measure: Even if you aren’t a carpenter, you should still have a tape measure handy. You can measure your furniture to make sure it will fit in your new home. You can measure the parts of your home that you plan to remodel. You can measure the wall so you can hang your pictures evenly spaced. You can measure the floors to order new carpets.

DIY wrench adjustable home remodel repairAdjustable Wrench: This is a common tool for tightening plumbing parts around your home. It’s like pliers but it will adjust to a specific size nut or bolt that you can then loosen or tighten. If you want to install a new hot water heater because you are doing a home remodel or it simply poops out on you, you will need a wrench to compete the install.

These are the bare minimum tools you should have as an adult living on your own. Even if you rent, you still might want to hang a picture or assemble a new piece of furniture and will need a few hand tools to do so. You can buy these tools separately and get a little tool bag to keep them in or you can purchase a homeowner tool set. Just make sure you keep them in a handy spot. When you have a broken water line, you don’t want to have to dig around to find the right tool for the job.

Don’t forget to read the next part: Useful Extra Tools To Ad To Your Toolkit





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