Quick Tip: Post Holes

Putting a fence around your property is a common project that a homeowner can tackle themselves. You get a post hole digger from the local hardware store and go to town setting 4×4 posts into the ground.

Depending on where you live, you could get lucky and have dirt that is soft enough to dig down 2′ with no problems. What if the soil around your home is rock hard? What do you do then?

As a carpenter who builds a lot of fences, I encounter a lot of hard dirt.  Instead of busting my ass trying to dig a hole with a post hole digger and possibly a dirt bar, use this little trick.

DIY fence post hole dig home house remodel
I take an old paddle but for my drill and use it to mix up the hard dirt like a mixer. I dig post holes 2′ deep so you might need an extension for the bit like in the picture. You can mix up the dirt, dig it out with a post hole digger, rinse and repeat until the hole is deep enough.

DIY fence post dig Digging remodel
And yes, you can rent an auger to dig out your post holes if you’re dealing with dart dirt and rocks. I build a lot of small sections of fence and renting an auger isn’t worth it to dig out 4 post holes.

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