Review: Bug-A-Salt Insect Killer

insect removal bug a salt shotgun review

Are you fed up with bugs invading your home? Do you want to keep flies from landing on your food at the picnic or barbecue? The Bug-A-Salt insect killer is a great option.

bug a salt bug-a-salt insect fly bug killerAs someone who lives in a woodsy area in the Pacific Northwest, I have no shortage of insects invading my home. I try to live a symbiotic relationship with some of the bugs around the house. I understand that spiders will help eliminate flies, so if they’ve set up a web somewhere in the house that doesn’t affect me, I let them be. I can’t stand flies though. I hate having flies buzzing around and possibly landing on my food. Keeping in mind where flies tend to spend most of their time (hint: it’s poop), the thought of them hanging out on my food is a little sickening.

What are you supposed to do though? They’re impossible to catch with a flyswatter. I’ve had the electric flyswatter and they don’t make it much easier. And if you’re outside at a picnic, there’s really nothing you could do about it.

Introducing: The Bug-A-Salt Insect Killer!

Bug-a-salt bug a salt insect killer flyswatterThis device is like a plastic Nerf shotgun, but instead of little foam bullets, it shoots a little blast of salt. There is only one word to describe this thing: Awesome!

You just pour some ordinary table salt in the top, cock the gun, flip off the safety and pull the trigger. The gun then shoots out a spray of salt that kills flies and other bugs. The spray is wide enough that it makes it easy to hit the fly. You aren’t swinging something at them so you don’t scare them away when you approach them. It is recommended to be within 3 feet of the insect in question. The salt doesn’t blow the fly apart and make a mess. The salt is also safe to use on food or glass. So if a fly is sitting on your hotdog at the barbecue, shoot it! If there is a fly on the window, shoot it!

bug-a-salt bug a salt killer insectThe Bug-A-Salt is safe to use. The trigger safety automatically sets after you fire the gun. The salt is not harmful to pets or humans. Everything is non toxic. The other nice thing about the Bug-A-Salt is that there are no batteries. Cocking the gun gives it enough air pressure to shoot a pinch of salt. It also uses ordinary table salt so you don’t have to go online and order some proprietary ammunition. Just fill, point and shoot. One fill will give you about 70-80 shots so you can go nuts on those flies without worrying about running out of ammunition.

It’s so simple and easy to use. If you do have any problems, there are troubleshooting tips on their website and it comes with a 90 day warranty. The Bug-A-Salt comes in a variety of colors and styles and you can get a laser pointer attachment that snaps right onto the barrel for sniper style kills.

You can pick up the Bug-A-Salt Insect Killer on Amazon for $45.

Have a Bug-A-Salt insect killer? Leave your thoughts on the product in the comments!

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