Improve The Look Of Your Porch

diy porch concrete deck handrail rail remodel home

A customer of mine had an old concrete back porch that was in bad shape. It needed a new bottom stair poured which left an unsightly seem and it needed some handrail. Not only did it need rail on the landing and down the stairs, it needed rail on the ground along the side of … Continue reading Improve The Look Of Your Porch

Building A Deck: Decking

diy decking composite cedar deck

Once you have your new deck framed, you'll need to install the decking. There are many products you can use as decking material. Cedar: Cedar is a naturally rot and insect resistant wood. That's why you can use it for exterior projects without it needing to be treated like Fir. Decking, railing, fencing and siding … Continue reading Building A Deck: Decking

Building A Deck: Framing

DIY deck framing porch home remodel house

One very common upgrade you can do to your home is to replace an old rotting deck. You will probably have a basic wood deck like the one to the left. The boards are getting soft. If it's painted, the paint is flaking off. The handrail is loose. It's an eyesore and a safety issue. … Continue reading Building A Deck: Framing