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Building A Deck: Stairs

deck diy home improvement stairs

Most of time, if you build a deck or a porch on your house, you’re going to need some stairs to get on and off of it. You might have a ground level deck in which case you won’t need stairs, but if you’re…

Improve The Look Of Your Porch

diy porch concrete deck handrail rail remodel home

A customer of mine had an old concrete back porch that was in bad shape. It needed a new bottom stair poured which left an unsightly seem and it needed some handrail. Not only did it need rail on the landing and down the…

Building A Deck: Decking

diy decking composite cedar deck

Once you have your new deck framed, you’ll need to install the decking. There are many products you can use as decking material. Cedar: Cedar is a naturally rot and insect resistant wood. That’s why you can use it for exterior projects without it…

Building A Deck: Framing

DIY deck framing porch home remodel house

One very common upgrade you can do to your home is to replace an old rotting deck. You will probably have a basic wood deck like the one to the left. The boards are getting soft. If it’s painted, the paint is flaking off….