Maximize Space In A Smaller Home

tiny home house space saving diy

Downsizing your home is a great way to cut down on heating and cooling costs, effectively lowering your carbon footprint. I've discussed the benefits of downsizing on my previous blog entry, Building The Right Size House. As easy as it sounds in theory, it really is a lot of work to pare down your belongings … Continue reading Maximize Space In A Smaller Home

Proper Roof Ventilation

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It's hard to believe the amount of damage that a little bit of condensation can do. In less than ten years, this roof has completely fallen apart. The reason: Lack of ventilation.I'm currently tearing open a roof on a custom home that was built ten years ago. The ceiling inside is vaulted, which means there … Continue reading Proper Roof Ventilation

Building The Right Size House

tiny house home size smaller diy

There has been a growing trend (pun intended) in the United States over the past few decades. Average home sizes have increased even though the average household size has decreased. The more house you have the more you need to heat/cool, clean and light. It increases your carbon footprint and your bills. Average Home Square Footage By … Continue reading Building The Right Size House

A Greener Way To Remodel

green remodeling home improvement

There are so many easy ways to increase the environmental friendliness of your home, many being cheap or even free, that going green has become pretty simple. Changing bulbs as they burn out to more efficient, longer lasting LED bulbs. Lowering your thermostat by 3 degrees in the winter or raising it in the summer. Lowering … Continue reading A Greener Way To Remodel

Think Long Term When Planning A Remodel

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You may have already read my post about the house upgrades that get you the best return on your investment, but a lot of people still don't consider the long term financial affects of a home upgrade. You'd be surprised how many times I've heard someone insist that they remove the only bathtub from their … Continue reading Think Long Term When Planning A Remodel

You Get What You Pay For: Price Vs Quality

manufactured home construction building cost

I'm a strong believer that you can get a quality product at a reasonable price. Especially in the construction industry. A good contractor should learn and grow to build up industry contacts that give them good deals and develop methods that increase efficiency. Even using employees that demand top end pay should be a cost … Continue reading You Get What You Pay For: Price Vs Quality